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The Logo is the image that introduces a company or institution to the public, it is a visual element, which identifies its owner and distinguishes it from its competitors. Since prehistoric times when distinctive signs were drawn in the caves, from the craftsmen and printers who put a symbol on what they produced indicating their ownership to the kings who signed their shields with an image that represents them until nowadays when every company distinguishes itself by its corporate Logo, we can see a distinct need to use an image that states “here I am”, “this is mine” or “this is me”. The need to represent oneself to others is a historical truth, which has been invariable through time as regards its importance, but it has been totally changed as regards the way it is done. However, why is there the need to distinguish oneself with a sign? And why, in the case of companies, is this very important? We all live in a community and by representing ourselves before the others, we construct ourselves. We need to be recognized by others as something particular and unique, something different from the rest. In the case of the companies, this is more than a concern about differentiating oneself; it is a need to survive. As we know, nowadays, companies are not known by the public because of their buildings, owners or activities: companies are an idea in the public’s mind. This is why the Logo is essential for a company, because for an idea to be recognized and clear, it should be correctly represented in such a way that it can be distinguished from the others. Clear ideas can produce good results whereas confused ideas can lead to mistakes. For a company to exist, it should be identified with an image that sticks in consumers` mind, since it is the only way they will take it into account. An image is the easiest and most memorable way to transmit a concept or an idea. The Logo is the last step in the historical development of the representation through images incorporating in it shapes, colours, words, visual effects and all the possible marketing and publicity strategies. It is no longer only about designing a distinctive or striking drawing but it is also taken into account all the subconscious perceptions that potential clients have when seeing the company’s Logo, all those mental processes that are created by observing this image and that are not consciously perceived. Therefore, the efficient corporate logo design gathers many and very different ways to work it to achieve the desired result, exploiting to the most every one of its characteristics.

In short, we can say that the corporate Logo is the company’s signature: is a unique visual element, which distinguishes, identifies, promotes and supports each and every one of its products or services.

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