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In this section we will present the visual effects applied to the logotypes frequently used and we will make a brief review about the advantages and disadvantages of their usage. The goal of visual effects applied to the logotype is to make an image more striking for consumers.

These are some of the effects usually used:

Internal Shadow

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This effect is applied on the solid colours of the object. You can choose from which angle to apply it to guide the three-dimensional feature it confers.


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To put a satin finish on means give brightness through pressure exerted on an object. This effect modifies the image colours according to their need.

Bevelled edges

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This effect gives relief to that part of the object to which it is applied. There are three types of bevelled edges: straight, irregular or curve.

Parallel Shadow

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This effect consists of applying a shadow behind the object. A three-dimensional effect is achieved. You can choose the concentration, length and colour of the shadow.


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By illuminating the interior of the objects you can achieve the contrary effect to those which give the idea of three-dimension.

These are some of the different and possible effects that can be applied to the logotype. We will now see the advantages and disadvantages of their use.

Firstly, visual effects will make your Logo more striking before the eyes of the public. This will be different from that of your competitors and it can be more elegant and serious. The disadvantage is that the golden rule of logotype design states that the more complex a design is, the harder it will be to remember it.

Secondly, a Logo with some effect on a Web site will help the company’s image and will provide a quality and progress atmosphere on the page. The disadvantage is that in order to apply these effects, designers do a process which makes it impossible to enlarge the object without losing quality. So if you want to use it in other media and with a bigger size, using visual effects would be a problem.

Thirdly, a Logo with visual effects will give your company a profesional and quality image. The disadvantage is that visual effects are the result of a combination of unlimited colours. Therefore, every time you would like to print your Logo, it will have to have four colours to be able to correctly fuse all the necessary colours in order to achieve the desired effect. And we already know that the CMYK printing is the most expensive one.

The good news is that these disadvantages can be overcome with a differentiated design ready to be printed or embroidered and another for electronic use.

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