We all need something to introduce ourselves to others, something that says who we are.

The Logo is the image companies and institutions use to introduce themselves to the general public. There are many things the company can use to introduce themselves but nothing like the Logotype, which is the foundation element of the image itself and from which all the other elements come from. The corporate image is the graphic presentation of a company before the public and the design of the corporate image is the work a company takes on with a designers team to clearly transmit what the company wants. Here is where the Logo plays an important role as the main element of the corporate image; this is the element that introduces a company above everything else and through which the public identifies it. It could be said that the Logo is an identification device which, when it functions correctly, represents the company clearly and attractively.

It is our goal to guide you on the basic principles to bear in mind to design the Logo of your company. This one should have certain central characteristics for it to be effective, and we will discuss those characteristics throughout this website. We think it is important to clarify some very common confusions, which people who are in charge of the logo design have. In order to do so, we will revise every basic topic that you should know about to achieve an effective logotype and appropriate to your interests.

This website is based on three central axes. In the first place, the basic aspects of the Logo and the way it directly relates to your company. In the second place, everything related to the design of it. And finally, the co-work between those who ask for the Logo and those who design it. In this last stage, we will discuss the relation you should have with the graphic designers to achieve an efficient development and the information you should give them so that the Logo design can be printed.