Client Designer Relation

In order to correctly do the Logo’s design is essential to have a great relationship between the designer and the client. If this does not occur, the work result will not be the expected one.

When a company hires a designers team (hereinafter “the designer”) to create the logotype, they should know they cannot delegate the work absolutely. The designer needs the client to provide him with all the necessary information to do the job that he has been asked to do. The client has to clearly transmit the concept he wants the design to show and he will have to be at disposal of the designer to solve the doubts he may have. The designer, on his part, will have to be aware of everything the client says and he will have to help the client to communicate his ideas. It is very important that the designer is willing to help the client because the ideas of someone who asks for a Logo are pretty confusing. If the ideas of the one who wants the Logo are clear and the designer understands them clearly, the better the work will turn out to be.

When communicating the ideas on which the corporate logotype of your company will be based, the designer will have to avoid receiving all the options that your company has in mind. That is to say, when a company decides to ask for a Logo, many people take part in the decisions. The best thing to do is to have someone in charge to communicate with the designer. In this way, all discussions will be held within the company and only the results and resolutions of these discussions will be handled to the designer. If the designer receives all the different proposals of the different people involve in the decisions of the logotype design, he will not be able to do a clear job nor clearly expose the ideas because these ones are not clear to begin with. For the design to totally transmit the idea your company is trying to communicate, it is important that the designer works with only one concept and not many of them. The designer cannot choose for you, he will design what you have asked for and will propose ideas when necessary. In short, you cannot request for a logotype design until you have decided what you want to transmit with it.

The interaction between the people in charge of representing the company and the designer will have to be a two way relation: if one doubts, the other one has to respond; if one proposes, the other values. When beginning the work, and after having expose the ideas which will be the core of the design of your corporate Logo, the designer will show you sketches which will be more complicated as you approve them. The sketches are a reference to what will be the final work, taking into account potential inconvenients. These will allow the client to reorient the designer if he does not like something without the need of disapproving the finished work.

The usual difficulties in this interactive work appear when the designer and the client want to work separately. It may happen that the designer does not accept the client’s suggestions because he does not think the client can have a say in the technical aspects of his work. The opposite is also common: the client wants to do the designer’s job giving directions about each and every steps to take without giving him freedom to work. Another hardship in this client-designer relationship is when the designer needs indications all the time and cannot work without the client telling him what to do next. Of course, this situation bothers the client and delays the work. Finally, the total apathy of the client is frequent in this type of relationship. When the client says that he does not know what to do and leaves all in the designer’s hands, the designer is unable to carry out the project because he does not count with the minimum necessary information to do it.