The Logo and Printing

logo design printing If you have acquired a design of the logotype a time ago and you have only used it for your Web page but now you want to use it for your personal cards, you will have to contact the design firm to ask them if your Logo is in conditions to be printed as they have given it. Probably the answer will be no, since as you have asked for a design for your Web page, this one was done using the colour RGB palette. This palette is wider than the one that the printing house will use to print your personal cards. Printing houses use the colours of the CMYK palette. And this is not a whim but a technical need. The colours that can be obtained combining cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) are different from the ones that can be obtained by combining red, green and blue (RGB). Therefore, if your Logo design is done using RGB, it will have to be converted to CMYK in order to be printed by the printing house.
When you request a logo design from a designers team, you should let them know what you will use the Logo for: if you want to print it in a printing house or in an office printer. The machines in a printing house usually use a printing system called offset which consist of water-ink opposition and rejection, and it is not able to print certain elements that are on the edge of the paper. Then, a Logo in excess is designed (the object area is enlarged) so that this one can be printed on a larger piece of paper to be subsequently cut. This excess is 5 millimetres. However, in most cases placing the object further from the paper edges can solve this. Hardly ever this proximity with the edges is really necessary.
If you use ink-jet or laser printer, the procedure is the same one: a bigger piece of paper is used and the exceeding paper is cut. As it is usual in this type of printers, the printing of documents which include your logotype, we recommend that you avoid using, if you can, all those designs that are very close to the edges of the paper.