The Logo and the Company

logo designs When a company decides to design its corporate Logo, it is undertaking a process of identification with the public and not the design of a pretty design. It is not weird that the ones who ask for the Logo want it to have personal references or that it is presented as a complex drawing. This is a very common mistake, which should be taken into account if you want to avoid wasting money.

A correct and efficient design of a logotype is that which easily identifies and represents the company and not that one which is significant for its owners because it makes reference to personal matters which move them or that one which is complexly designed. Firstly, all personal emotions and feelings have to be left aside when a design is done, since this one is not part of your family album but an image which characterizes and represents your company before the public, who little cares about what you feel but it cares about knowing what your company produces and how it does it. Secondly, the complexity of a logotype is absolutely counterproductive. A very exuberant design is not good because it is difficult to remember, difficult to recognize and difficult to reproduce. In terms of logotypes “difficult” is a word that has to be avoided. The best is to create a simple drawing, easy to remember, with no many colours and explicit (clarity in the message that the logo transmits will assure its effectiveness), above all, explicit, a design that does not lead to mistakes or to various interpretations.

Since the Logo represents your company, you should be very careful when asking for a design and you should never look for an image that can be confused with that of another company. Your company’s logotype should be unique and must clearly differentiate itself from the rest. As we have already mentioned, the corporate logo is the signature of the company: imagine how many problems you would have if you had the same signature than your competitor.
The Logo of your company should be simple and differentiate from that of your competitors. We could almost say it has to be primitive, although this word can create us problems. What do we mean by “primitive”? The primitive aspect of the logotype refers to the visual aspect. Visually it must be simple, without complexities, with no many colours, with easily legible typographies, etc. But this does not mean that the design is primitive. The simplicity of the shapes and the austerity of the colours combined with strategies of Marketing and studies about consumer behaviour result in a highly effective and memorable design, though at a simple glance, it looks poorly worked. Sometimes the Logo even aims at looking poorly worked trying to seem “natural”, like something that was there representing your company and that cannot be changed for something else. That is why, even though it may seem primitive, the design of the Logo is a task that is carried out with dedication and combining several activities: the simplicity of the Logo is the result of a complex combination of work tools which aim at optimizing its benefits.
When undertaking the design of a new corporate Logo, it should be taken into account which are the characteristics that differentiate your company that you want to transmit through it. It is highly important that the design shows all the company represents with extreme clarity.
Let’s imagine a situation in which this does not happen, that is to say, a situation in which the Logo is not clear when representing the company. Let´s suppose there is a firm that sells fridges and has a corporate logotype that is a red flame. The person who asked for the design thought it would be elegant, striking and that it differentiated itself from its competitors, and he was right. It is very clear that this image will not help company sales since the message is not clear. But the message is not clear not due to the fact that the design is incorrect but because of the context. Being on the fridge destroys the communicative power of the Logo, which on a stove would have been ideal. It is true that this example is very exaggerated and it is unlikely that a company that manufactures fridges chooses a flame as identification; however, if you look closely, in the streets or on television, there are certain logotypes designs that affect unfavourably the image of the companies that use them.
Therefore, the design must be different from that of the competition, must be striking and must be elegant, but all this must happen at the same time and harmoniously; otherwise, the Logo will lose its persuasive energy. For this to happen, the ideas your company wants to transmit through the corporate Logo must be clear, and you should work together with the designers team and experts in marketing, who will give you the tools so that the Logo can correctly satisfy your expectations and clearly transmit the desired message.