As regards design, fonts are used not only to form words but also to create images. A correct graphic design work combines its two uses, by transmitting an oral and iconic message by means of letters. That is why the selection of typography to be used in a logotype is extremely important.
As regards design, we can mention two big groups of images: colour images and black and white images. In this section, we will discuss colour designs and how these must be worked. Colours, as every perception, are carriers of meaning, and we must be aware of that in order to design an effective corporate logotype. Obviously, there is no such a thing as a table of colours with their respective meaning. However, there are certain cultural conventions and psychological studies which give us an approximate meaning for the common of people. The colours applied to the Logo can transmit sensations, such as: warmth, e.g.: red shades; coldness or asepsis, e.g.: blue shades; strength, e.g.: black; etc. You will select the colours of your corporate Logo, but it would be convenient to consult other designers and experts in marketing about the advantages of using a colour instead of other.

In turn, the typography in your Logo will be a differential element for itself and for your company. The font used by a company is one of the elements that the public easily recognizes.

Among the classic typographies we can have the following classification: typographies with serif and typographies without serif. Serif is the line that sometimes can be the termination of the letters, the crossed line in its edges. The typical font is Times New Roman which has serif. These letters are easier to read in long printed texts.

Those without serifs are typographies called “sans serif”. For example: Arial. However, it is not common that a logotype has any of these fonts. Due to its massive usage, they cannot give the idea of differentiation. What can happen is that the designer plays with them and modifies them to give the idea of familiarity but at the same time he tries getting people’s attention and making it different.